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Hello dear anon! No need to apologise, I don’t think anyone has asked me this question before, so it’s all good : ) Ok. So here is a list of methods on tidying up the line art and make it look more sharp, dark and refined. Hope this could be helpful to you and if you have anymore questions just let me know

1 Brushes
The default Photoshop brushes are great and decent, hard round pressure is my all time fav. There are also lots of amazing resources out there that could give you really sharp and crisp lines. Kyle T's Brush sets for example [ Link ]. It’s great to be adventurous and try them out, find the brush that suits your working style(●´▽`●)ノ. Here is a [ master post ] of all the related ask about the brushes I use. 

2 Levels
I normally adjust the ‘levels ’ after I finish the line art, it helps clearing out the gray tones and sharpen the dark lines. You can access this function through image > adjustment > Level (or hot key command + L for MAC or ctrl + L for PC.)

3 Curves
This function is more complicated than levels but works very well too! You could also find it under adjustment.

P.S Sorry I couldn’t supply more information on the functions since I am terrible at explain stuff ; - ; Here are some tutorial links with detail explanation on the function of levels / curves and how they work.
Detail explanation 
Curves [ Link  ] Levels and Curves [ Link ]

Lastly, other related ask regarding lines
Smooth lines [ Link ]

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Aquarius before bedtime Goodnight and sweet dreams❤❤

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Roll Rolll ROLLL

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JOTHETURTLE said: I’m so happy you play FE:A because I love that game and I love your art and THOSE TWO PUT TOGETHER IS THE BEST! *__*//

AHHhhhhh I am speechless (o´艸`o), thank you so much for the love ; - ; !!!! -Run and hug you tight

SAMISAYWHAT said: I had such a hard time choosing who to marry as well!! I married Chrom my first playthrough, and then married Panne on my second. I still want to marry so many more haha

Same :DDDD!!!!!! Actually I didn’t know anything about marriage and children since I am new to the series. So when chapter 11 happened, it was a massive surprise haha!

Oh! I feel you!! Now I am doing a Male!MU playthrough and it is still hard to decide. This game(ノ)’д`(ヾ)

EMERGENCYBATTLE said: I’m so glad you’re planning on doing a full set! They’re absolutely lovely and I can’t wait to see your Taurus ´ U ` )

waaa So happy to hear that, thanks you so so much (●´▽`●)ノ! I am currently working on Aquarius and will be working on Taurus soon ;D!!!

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layla-the-waterpixie ASKED: I am really in love with your art. It's quite beautiful. What zodiac's have you drawn? (If it's not too much to ask.) And will you be drawing more?

Hello dear! No! Its no trouble at all and thank you so much(●´▽`●), I will definitely work through all of them slowly but surely :D Here is a complete list of all the zodiacs I’ve done so far:

Leo ♀ 
Gemini ♂
Pisces ♀♂


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Hello dear anons! Thank you so much for the interest and kind compliments  Sorry, its quite different from the request but I do hope you guys will like it (o´艸`o).  Pisces and adult version doing some underwater selfie.

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Hello!!! No need to apologies (○´▽`○)ノ! The game is called Fire Emblem : Awakening. Nintendo 3DS game. A game that not only brings great joy but also pain and tough choices.  Offical website here

@joker-ace said: BUT BUT have u seen henry’s and olivia’s support convo’s cuz that was incredibly CUTE

No I’ve never team them up before!!! So after reading your comment, I went and did their support convo last night, ( Up to A. ) Pleasantly surprised by all the new and different sides/emotions Olivia and Henry shows in their support convo… Henry sharing his back story is endearing but sad ; - ; 

Now I really wanna go all the way to S and see how the proposal goes haha!! 

@wa1tzofanoma1ies said: you could always just play again and marry someone else HA HA HA


Fire Emblem: Multiple timeline and all the husbando/waifu

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Anonymous ASKED: What drawing app you use to draw? Tablet?

Photoshop CS6 and Wacom Intuos 4: Model PTK540WL 

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Anonymous ASKED: which guy is for love and which is for dna?? cause they both have nice genes

Gaius is for LOVE (Though I actually like them both but Fem!MU and Gaius’ support convo is just illegally cute.) Sadly, I know Gaius DNA would work well/needed elsewhere like for Nah? She is one of my favorite 2nd gen in the game. I want her to have everything and become a badass pink dragon that breath hell fire on the battlefield. (Dark filer > Galeforce. Also ginger NAH :DD)


Chrom would be an awesome dad though, both DNA and Love. Plus Lucina and Morgan sibling cuteness! But but then Gaius…. Ginger Morgan…

Sigh…WHY THIS GAME SO HARD sob. Maybe I should just marry Henry? Since my MU’s strength is Magic and a dark mage Morgan sounds amazing! 

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This game is testing me. 

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@peppertomato said: This is too cute! Wonderful work, Angela! Can we expect to see more of these cuties any time soon?

OMG thank you so much, glad you like it

Yes, definitely :DDDDD I hope to explore more on Sophia’s family members and Frederick’s! Also the vampire who turned Frederick!

@dates-at-the-zoo said:ahhhhhhh in love w all of your designs ;u; <3333

Thank you so much ; - ; !!!! [ Give you a piece of coffe roll cake]

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Thank you so much! I had loads of fun drawing this one Hope you will like it (●´U`●)ノ

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First meeting went well…?

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You make my heart bloom, kind anons. Thank you