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⇡⇣ IB ✿⇡⇣

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Sorry again for the lateness! The answer to these asks is under the read more  (●´▽`●)ノ

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Weekend short comic practice 

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Hope I am not too late (o´艸`o)  Happy birthday  

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Thank you all so much for the continue interest, like and reblog. I got a few asks requesting zodiacs I’ve already done. So sorry, my tagging habit is terrible (o´艸`o), so here I tidied up a little list. Hope it helps! 

Leo ♀ 
Gemini ♂
Libra ♀
Aries ♂
Pisces ♀♂
Scorpio ♀
Taurus ♀♂

Leo/Cancer ♂

I also received a few asks asking about using the drawings on your own blog. Gahhh I am truly surprised and…sob, thank you ; - ; I don’t mind as long as you credit back to me :)

Thank you again and wish you all a wonderful day✿

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Mask and horn :D

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Anonymous ASKED: Hi I was just wondering if you've ever watched the Adams family ( sorry if this question is strange I really love your style and how detailed it is)

GAHH its not strange at all, I LOVE THIS QUESTION -HUG- Yes I have! I LOVE THE ADAMS FAMILY!!! From Charles Addams’s illustration comics to live action,film adaptation to the animation version.  I use to watch the cartoon version on cartoon networks growing up

imageAlso the relationship between Gomez and Morticia is still one of the most romantic of all time ; - ;

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Today’s warm up

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Frederick trying to do some sweet talk

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12.8 WIP

12.8 WIP

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Anonymous ASKED: Hey Angela!~ I've been wondering what are your biggest inspiration when drawing?? and what do you do when you have a complete art block ( I have not been drawing anything for the past two months )

Hello! Dear anon :D The source of inspiration for me changes from time to time. Currently my biggest inspiration/ happy place is from reading and studying the layout of the magazines/free catalogues I picked up while out strolling. 


Oh! And also have the movie “ The Grand Budapest Hotel ” on loop whenever I can. Everything about that movie is just…. Dreamy sigh  P.S if you are interested, I keep track of my inspiration on a side personal blog here [X

Gah… I feel you!! - hug- I am currently sinking into one myself ; - ; GRRRR Art block damn you!!!!!!!! –wave angry fist-  Under the cut are some of my ways dealing with art blocks, hope it could be helpful to you in some ways!

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Anon ASK 


Good evening lovelies! I have tuck the answers of these ask under the cut. Thank you for being ever so patient with me and the continue kindness sent into my inbox ❤ ( P.S I’ve recently picked up a new job that noms away time, so it may take me longer than usual to reply ; - ; But I do read and appreciate every single one of them  and will get to them asap (●´▽`●)ノ Thank you and wish everyone an awesome weekend!)

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Save slot one Morgan hanging out with save slot 2 Morgan

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Anonymous ASKED: Ciao Angela! Just wanted to say that your artwork it's amazing and though I'm not really onto vampires you just changed my opinion about it, Sophia & Frederick are just adorable. Greetings from Italy! ;) (excuse me if there's any grammatical mistake in this)

Hello hello good evening!!! Wave back from Australia (No worries, your english is wonderful!)

You just made my day darling! Thank you(o´艸`o) I am actually rather hesitant on tackling vampire characters… Since the story of vampires & humans has been told millions times. I fear of not bring anything new or interesting into the dynamic, so receiving your message makes me super happy ; - ;  -sob happy tears-

imageA huge thank you and lots of love from Frederick and Sophia

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Female Scorpio for all you lovelies, thank you