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Anonymous ASKED: What's that pink demon thing? They're so cuuuute!

Thank you so much!! The pink demon’s name is Llara and Zeev is his summoner. His demon specialties are seduction, paralyzation and poison or just being a pain in the ass.


They are actually reincarnations of one of my OC couple, (feel free to take a guess which one :D) Zeev has no memory of their past life but Llara does.

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General background information about them [ here ] Have I mentioned Frederick love making dresses?

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Hi! I’m Yiji and I’m super broke haha! *cry*
So I’ve got a huge school bill I need to pay off soon (because I need to pay my fees in advance) and my poor back account is suffering, so I’m OPENING UP FOR COMMISSIONS! At the moment they’re mostly chibi commissions, but who…

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Sir, Control your pink demon.

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Shingeki No Kyojin - OVA 2 - Raw

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Anonymous ASKED: I just wanted to let you know that your art is 100% why I write my Hale Family Teen Wolf fic as having wolf-headed beta shifts. Thank you!! <3

Oh OH OHHHsfhdlksah OH sahlsk Sorry let me try this again,


I SHOULD BE THE ONE SAYING THANK YOU!!!!! I JUST WENT AND ROLL AROUND ON THE FLOOR!! ahhhh ( sorry my answer is just loads of incoherent squeeeee and I should probably stop typing in caps!) Thank you for accepting the wolf head idea and and and even writing it in your story!! thank you!!! 

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Anonymous ASKED: Hi, I'm very new in asking ppl I admire so dont mind me if I sound very awkward. :S I've been admiring(+saving +stalking) your artwork for some time and I really adore your work and style. I feel like there's just so much of this unique simplicity (although i expect it's not that simple at all...or maybe it is, idk.) in it that really blew me away the first time I saw it. I've recently starting drawing again and feel like I still can't find a style of my own. Can I ask how long it took you? :o

Hello dear anon, before I go on and answer your question, I just want to say thank you so so much for the kind compliments!!!! This morning when I check my Inbox, I had to do a double take when I read your message.  It always surprise me when someone says they like my work akjhafhf (o´艸`o)❤. Again, truly appreciated and I feel very honored, thank you so much❤❤image

Now about finding your own style. I personally see “drawing style” like a person, your twin self if you will. He or she grows with age, life experiences, people they meet and things they see etc. Drawing is a life long journey so truth be told I am still finding my own style. (Although there are ways I use lines and colors that you could tell it’s my work, but more in a sense of finding ways to express “you” in the drawings during different stages of your life…) Hope this make sense? Or maybe I just sound crazy haha (●´▽`●)ノ

If you are just starting drawing, don’t panick if you cant find your own style. Just remember getting your basics down is the priority. Style will come naturally, I promise! Here is a video from Sycra ‘A Talk about drawing style’ He explain it way better than I do and I strongly recommend it❤

Best wishes to you and hope I have answered your question? Deepest apologies if I make any grammatical error. Have an awesome day!

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Stress relief sketches, inspired by songs I was listening to at the time.
[ Click on the image to find out the song title ❤ ]

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Anonymous ASKED: Dear me favourite Tumblr artist, may I ask whether if Sophia and Frederick are a couple? (。◕∀◕ 。)

Hello dear anon! They are really close friends and enjoy each other’s company. Romance wise, they are not quite there yet…but it’s getting close (ゝ∀・)


Frederick does have romantic feelings towards Sophia and love being sass by her. Sophia also adores him but she is happy to just stay friends. (Thank you so much for the ask and your interest in them❤)

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Anonymous ASKED: If you don't mind me asking, could you draw a tutorial about body proportions? By the way, I love, LOVE your art SO much!! They're beautiful! Keep up the great work! :D

Dear anon, Thank you for liking my art and so sorry for my horribly late response. I’ve been pondering on the question for a while and decide not to do one….…I would love to do one for you, truly, but my anatomy skill is terrible(ノ)’д`(ヾ)!! I wouldn’t want to give you all the wrong information and lead you down a wrong path.

Personally, I feel the best way to learn proportions or any drawing in general, is to observe from real life, (life drawings and gesture drawings.) Here are some wonderful tools you could use.

✿Figure drawing Practice accompany with Proko’s videos.
✿Sycra’s videos are also wonderful. 

There are also lots of good resources on tumblr. Here is a awesome resource list. Lastly, you could also check out kelpls, her break down on anatomy and tutorial is lovely.

Hope these could be helpful to you.

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Frederick throughout the years  712 16163

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'SEED WOLF' - 1 / ?

The first of the ‘Seed Wolf’ comics I’ve had planned for ages! Many thanks to duck hymn​ for letting me use the name for this idea!

I wonder what type of wolf will come out of the pot? (hint: It’s a certain sour type!)

Please look forward to seeing more! I plan to make this a series! 

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Anonymous ASKED: THis might be illegal and I dunno if this is even allowed but could you draw your version of a male Aries? (As in from the Zodiac). If you could, I'd be happiest human alive during my birthday.

Hello dear anon! I am not very familiar with the Zodiacs but I do hope you like it!! Best wishes for you darling ❤ hope you have an awesome birthday!!!image